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About us

Nolta is an innovative brand developing a new generation high-tech cookware collection, which is considered  to be an embodiment of advanced manufacturing sciences and design technologies assembled from all over the world. Nolta is the cookware of tomorrow that really opens up new vistas in culinary art. None of true high kitchen art connoisseurs could remain indifferent to its design and finish. It possesses hot Italian temper and amazes with its fantastic fireworks of colours and shapes! Nolta is an offspring of  creativity enhanced by cutting edge technologies with industrial facilities spread out all over the globe.

Elegant and fascinating, beautiful and stylish Nolta is a modern concept of functional cook ware with style introducing bright emotions and impressions into your everyday life. Nolta amazes its unconventional approach to everything! Henceforth cookware isn't a soulless tool in your hands any more. Uniquness and functionality turn cookware Nolta into a co-author of your bright culinary ideas, as well as give an individual style, vivid and modern look to your kitchen.