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Before You Start


Your brand new Nolta cookware set needs to be preconditioned before you use it for the first time. This will help the ensure durability of the product .

Follow these easy steps!

1. Remove any labels/stickers that might be on each pan.

2. Wash each one product with gentle dish washing liquid, rinse with lukewarm water and dry totally with a paper towel.

3. Warm the product over medium hotness for 20-30 seconds and uproot.

4. Spread a light covering of vegetable oil or shortening over the whole inside surface of the pan.

5. Place it again on your stovetop over medium heat.

6. Watch carefully and uproot once it starts to smoke.

7. Let it cool completely.

8. Clean away any excess residue with a daintily oiled paper towel.

9. You are now ready to start cooking with Nolta!