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Easy to handle / clean / store


•Cook at a moderate heat. This cookware is never to be utilized at temperatures over 446°F/230°C.

•In spite of the fact that the handles on all the pans and lids are 'cool-touch' and won't get hot throughout use, please make a point to select a temperature source that is suited to the extent of the base of the container so the fire doesn't smolder along the handles and the sides of the cookware.

•Don't overheat the empty container; supervise the cooking procedure.

•Let the pan to cool just before cleansing. Don't make use of aggressive or intense chemical substances for cleaning.

•Use only Nylon or wooden utensils, never metal.

•D o not slice food right in the container.

•Your pots and pans does not need being cleansed each time it's used. Due to the non-stick area it is usually cleaned without liquids by simply wiping the surface with a paper towel and warm water.

•Ensure that all oil or food remains left on the pot have been removed when  cleansed. Improper cleanup your non-stick pots and pans may cause food items to stick the next time you use your pan.

•As time passes, foods could possibly leave several spots. These traces will not compromise the pan's function or non-stick properties. To remove discoloration, wash your container with gentle cleaning soap or liquid using a non-scratch scrub sponge. A lot more stains may be cleaned out by means of heating equivalent quantity of bright white vinegar and water in the container. You should be aware that the discoloration is actually intensified if the cookware is used on higher than recommended temperatures.

•To lengthen the pan's life, store it with care and avoid banging or scratching the inner non-stick coating during storage.