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Nolta extends its promise of quality and innovation to a range of homeware. These household good bear the same quality and trust as do the the Nolta Cookware and Kitchenware collection. The home ware collection includes Clothes dryer, flashlights, emergency lamps and Ironing boards.

Clothes Dryer: They come with enamel coated aluminium frames. They are easy to install. Some models have provision for footwear too. The easy to fold models save space and are easy to store away after use. Made of Aluminium , they are corrosion and rust free and leave no marks on cothes. These durable stands have floor protection tips.

Flash Lights: Nolta present flash lights for home use. With bright LED lights, they come in attractive sizes. The LED lights lasts longer than conventional bulbs. The range of flash lights have 1 -3 w bulbs.

Emergency Lights: The emergency lamp collection from Nolta has lamps of various sizes and shapes. They come with LED lights. Some variants have spot light on the backside which is a convenient value addition. The attractive colours and designs of these flash lights make it a hit with customers.

Ironing Boards: the ironing board collection from Nolta showcases qualities like durability and convenience. They can be folded and kept away easily. Some have a clothes rack while others come with the option to adjust height. The soft ironing surface is very durable and the ironing stand had protection tips so that the floor is not scratched.