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Non Stick Ceramic Cookware Manufacturers

Ceramic cookware is almost as old as civilization. Nolta adds glamour to this age old tradition. Nolta Ceramic ware is multi cook top friendly, easy to clean and durable.

Ceramic Curry Chatti: Here functionality meets beauty. They are made of innovative non-reactive material and are really, really long lasting. Perfect for making any curry dish, they are beautiful cook and serve dishes add charm to the dining table.

Ceramic Casseroles: Ceramic casseroles add brilliance and royal touch to every kitchen. The Nolta range of ceramic casseroles are micro-wave friendly and easily adapts to the tastes and likes of new generation kitchen enthusiasts with its brilliant designs, bright and royal colours available in server friendly sizes suitable for every kitchen. Nolta casseroles adhere to the highest international standards in strength, durability and quality benchmarks and stands well appreciated in global hospitality industry.

Ceramic Pot: Ceramic pots from Nolta are compact and elegant. They can be used to cook a variety of dishes. The high quality ceramic retains the flavours and authentic taste of the dish.