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Nolta Philosophy




Cooking with Nolta energizes the cooking procedure within secconds of hitting the KNob. A boon to the new-age womEn, Nolta supports fast cooking through its unique design- the curvaceous body transfers heat uniformly throughout the surface. Nolta's advanced technology helps in perfect heat distribution on its cookware and gives the best results on LPG, electric or induction cook tops.


Cleaning means a lot of strain and consumes valuable time. Nolta premium cookware aids in saving time and energy through it’s smooth coating and classic design that prevents food particles from sticking on to the surface.  As a result, water is consumed in less quantity and the time spend in kitchen is significantly reduced. the minimal requirement of oil as cooking medium also promotes easy cleaning.

Quick time is SAVING ENERGY

Cooking finds gratification through serving. Nolta premium cookware reduces the time from cooking to serving as the cookware  itself can be used for serving due to its contemporary character and appeal. The two-in-one character of nolta cook & serve collection  delivers the twin satisfaction of cooking and serving in a single ware.


Save money with Nolta premium cookware. The Nolta premium cookware which is suitable for parallel application on any hob gives instant and endearing results on home-budgets. The materials used in Nolta cookware aid balanced distribution of heat in the vessel and enhance heat retention capabilities that support energy saving and easy cleaning.


Quickness in life is turning out to be the key feature in modern world. The vibrations of the same are felt in today’s modern kitchens. By being the best in energy efficiency, Nolta premium cookware gives freedom from the strain involved in fuel sourcing, price hike and related problems. The simplicity and functionality of  Nolta cookware help to cook more and serve many.