Online food delivery or the home-hand cooked ones?

Online food delivery apps are getting popular these days. Our smartphones ring up with notifications from these every hour, tempting us to order food online. The notifications come up with amazing jingles and visuals that fill our mouths with enough water to lose control and order them. So if you are a food lover who’s stuck at home and hungry these are definitely going to take control of your senses and make you order these.

These have been redefining comfort. It has made our lives easier. We can now order the food we love from the comfort of our house and the delivery partner will get it to you in no time. We are a generation who has been addicted to this. Ordering food online saves our time and effort. So in the busy routines of our everyday lives have we completely ignoring the idea of home-cooked food? Home-cooked food is way healthier and fresh than those ordered foods from restaurants. When a dish is cooked at our homes we have the power to adjust on its health factors, cleanliness and the quality of the food. The dishes that we prepare at our homes may not appear that attractive or colourful as those we order. But the one thing that we can be absolutely sure of is the quality of the food prepared at our homes. We choose fresh ingredients, spices and flavours that are natural. Artificiality remains minimal in all of these dishes that we prepare at our homes. We can eat them all we want and reduce many health factors. The taste and the satisfaction levels that we get from eating the food that we prepare at home might not be coincidental but the happiness derived from these are unmatched. We always get delights from the successful completion of any task. Be it a simple task of your everyday life, an assignment from school, a project at your office or even a simple dish that you prepare at your home.

Cooking food at home lets you explore the chef in you. You can be able to test different flavours and ingredients and create your unique recipes. Often cooking at your home acts as a healthy exercise for your mind. While cooking you are creating something for yourself that you don’t have any clue on what the end result might turn out to be (just joking).

Preparation of food at your home can also turn out to be great for your pocket. Yes, it’s a proven fact that preparing food for you at your home can help you to reduce your money spending’s and help you control your monthly expenditure. Still, have doubts? Try it for one month and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Homemade food is healthier and nutritious. These do not have any ill effects on your health and even doctors recommend eating food that is prepared at your home and they have many health benefits too.

The easy and hassle-free experience of ordering food online is the major highlight that every individual tends to use it. Though this medium is expensive and a little bit unhealthier the advertisements and the easy usability of these apps have enabled it to be the top go-to place for eating food. We always recommend home-cooked foods for every occasion. Though it’s a time-consuming process it can be a fun experience with your friends and family. A one-time monthly food from outside and the rest, a home-cooked nutritious meal can help you solve most of your problems!


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