Wondered why we all love our mother’s handmade food?

When we reach our home after a day, week or even month the first thing we reach out to is our dear mother! She is the soul and body of every house.Anything that our mother makes is always tastier. Be it a simple tea to full-fledged chicken biriyani – Amma is a person who brings joy and love into the plates through the yummy food that she makes. Most of us grew up eating our mother’s handmade dishes. Most of the dishes will never have a proper recipe nor ingredients yet the end result turns out to be a beautiful dish whose taste lingers in your taste buds for a very long period of time. Even if we get hold of our mother’s recipe of a dish and try it out the magical taste of our mother’s hands never comes. Ever wondered why? We are still on the lookout for the reasons.

There is something special about the way our mother cooks. We always try to give a helping hand and end up getting scolding’s from her. The way our mother does things is always different. The vegetables, the knife, the cookware and every other ingredient comes to her hands magically and effortlessly. She doesn’t require the manual measuring of the powders, salt or any other ingredient that plays a vital role in the taste of the dish.

Cooking with our mother is also fun. The time is often filled with her stories and we telling our experiences of self-cooking in our hostels or rooms. Time passes quickly and towards the end of the preparations, our mouths will be filled with water and tummies starving to get the food.

Each experiment with food is also interesting. Our mothers often tend to create new dishes that bring in vibrancy to our tables.

We are all kids in front of our mothers and she finds it amusing to feed us with love. If we are away from our homes, we will definitely miss the food that our mother prepares. She is the one person who delights you with your favorite dishes on the day you come back.

We all wonder how our mothers create magic in each of our lives with love, care, happiness and a lot of her tasty, handmade dishes!

Mothers are truly incredible. They take care of each one in the family and all the working of the house. If they have a job then the task is double. We always love whatever our mother prepares and it’s so cheerful to sit around the table with all the members of your family, eating and telling stories.

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