The colors and other elements in a kitchen that excites and inspires!

Our surroundings play an important role in deciding our mood. Our surroundings are highly influential and can affect the moods of an individual. These can be the different colours, shapes, objects and even the people that set the tone of your moods. We tend to be happier around the things that we love and cherish. People are different and so are their tastes and preferences. Tastes and preferences are subjective but finding happiness in the things that each one loves are universal.

Let’s begin with a small example. Back at our school time, we were more excited to go on the days when we could wear a dress other than the uniform. The colours and the shades play a vital role in deciding our mood. We also had our favourite notebook brands, pencils and even erasers.

Colours and things having such a strong effect on our senses helps us to set the mood of our minds. The interiors, the cookware and all the other things in the kitchen need to be in symphony with your views and taste so that you can enjoy a wholesome experience every time.

So what are the different colours and the other elements that define the tone for your kitchens?

The various colours present in your kitchen in the form of the wall colour, the shades of the cabinets, the cookware’s, the various appliances and even the colours of the ingredients for your food preparations all have a different sense to add to your behaviour and moods. These are influential in many different ways. Colours add life to your spaces and can affect your moods. For each individual, there are different sets of happy colours and many other emotions that follow.

The colours of your kitchen can highly affect you. Generally, the colour red signifies passion and energy and can give you a sense of energy. Blue is a soothing colour that gives a relaxing feel. Yellow is a happy colour and gives the feel of instant happiness and energy. Green brings in a sense of freshness and reminds us of nature. White and grey are considered to be classy colours and brings in the feel of maturity. These are the most common colours that we use in our houses. So next time pay close attention to the colours that have been around you and what feels do you get from them.

Some people are drawn towards a specific plate or cookware that they tend to like the most and their kitchen activities revolve around that particular product. When we go back to our childhood we all would have got our own favourite plates (Many still do). We spent more time with the things that we love and take care of them in a more precise manner.

Keeping a track of the things and colours that you love is an activity that we all do. Many times we do it unknowingly too. Every selection is done by considering all of these. Nolta is a brand that offers a wide range of products in different styles and colours. From contemporary styles to traditional ones, Nolta has a wide range of products that is designed uniquely. Choose the right products and colours that fit your taste perfectly. Choose things that you love, choose Nolta and fall in love with your kitchen again!


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